ChatGPT’s challenger is here! Everything you need to know about Google’s Gemini AI

Google took its next leap in artificial intelligence Wednesday with the launch of project Gemini, an AI model trained to behave in human-like ways that’s likely to intensify the debate about the technology’s potential promise and perils.

With Gemini providing a helping hand, Google promises Bard will become more intuitive and better at tasks that involve planning. Here is everything you need to know about the new sensation in the field of AI:

  • Developed by Google’s DeepMind, Gemini is a huge leap in technology. It is multimodal, meaning it can not only understand texts but also process code, image, video and audio. Gemini is the first AI to be able to surpass human experts in Massive Multitask Language Understanding (MMLU) with a score of 90.0%.
  • Gemini model has three tiers – Gemini Nano, Gemini Pro and Gemini Ultra. Pixel’s 8 would be the first smartphone to have Gemini AI. 
  • Gemini Nano is tailored for on-device operations. Ultra will not be released till 2024 as it is being fine-tuned by Google.
  • Gemini allows uninterrupted use sans Wi-Fi or cell reception. 
  • Gboard, Google’s keyboard application is going to start incorporating Gemini Nano and it is initially compatible with WhatsApp. It can recommend a whole text.


For the unversed, ChatGPT is an AI-powered language module developed by OpenAI and was launched on 22 November 2022. It is designed to generate human-like texts and generate conversation with applications in various fields.

The less powerful model of Gemini Pro outperformed ChatGPT in six out of eight tests. 

Google’s Gemini can comment in real-time and also understands the context. Gemini creates images based on the user’s request and assists software engineering in program coding. Gemini’s TPUv5 chips and parallel processing outpace GPT-4 allowing for faster content generation.

Gemini has an advantage over ChatGPT as it can create images and texts. The GPT 3.5, the free version, has only trained using data up to September 2022 while Gemini is trained on real-time data. It is up-to-date. 

While ChatGPT provides free service, the pricing for Gemini is still not known but free use remains limited.