WhatsApp rolls out campaign to raise user safety awareness, fight misinformation

WhatsApp has launched a ‘Check the Facts’ safety campaign to drive user awareness around its safety features and curb the spread of misinformation on the platform.

The month-long campaign highlights the Meta-owned messaging platform’s in-built product features, safety tools like block and report, and forward labels that equip users to spot misinformation and prevent its circulation.

It encourages people to verify information that sounds suspicious or inaccurate via fact-checking organisations on WhatsApp Channels, according to a statement.

“WhatsApp has launched an integrated safety campaign Check the Facts’ in an effort to drive user awareness around WhatsApp’s safety features and promote digital best practices that help prevent the spread of misinformation on the platform and empower people to take control of their messaging experience,” it said.

While there is no single action that can help prevent the spread of misinformation and fake news online, WhatsApp’s ‘Check the Facts’ campaign serves as a simple safety guide to fight misinformation.

The campaign touches upon aspects like understanding when a message is forwarded, blocking and reporting suspicious accounts, and following fact-checking organisations on WhatsApp Channels to receive accurate information.